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The Board of Directors of the Harp and Crown Credit Union is delighted to announce that the Junior Account Facility is now available to qualifying members who wish to open an account for their Son or Daughter, from birth to age 15 years.

With a minimum balance of £5 required to open an account, and the option available to save directly from your salary or existing Direct Debit, the Harp and Crown Junior Accounts are a safe, secure and straightforward way to put money away for your child’s future.

Application forms are available by clicking here, or by contacting the office and having one posted out or collected. The account can only be opened and form completed by the lead member – ie. The serving or retired officer, or member of civilian support staff on behalf of the child, and returned to our office along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Whether you want to make regular monthly contributions, or just make one-off lump sum lodgements, the Harp and Crown provides a secure environment in which your child can begin a positive attitude toward saving. Joining up is easy, and there are no fees or charges.

All our newest Junior members will receive a small gift on joining, and also have the opportunity to enter a competition - currently our puppy mascot doesn’t have a name, therefore we are inviting your pups to name ours.

For further information, you can contact the Federation Office on 02890764200 or ext. 66115, or by emailing Harp and Crown at Creditunion@policefedni.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open a Junior Account for my grandchild?

Unfortunately not, our Common Bond extends only to members of immediate family at the same address. This therefore does not extend to Grandchildren.

Do I have to make monthly payment to the Junior Account?

No, you may make periodic lump sum deposits at any time. Since children do not have a regular income, we do not ask that they save regularly.

Can I set up monthly savings if I wish?

Yes, we can amend your existing monthly deduction to include a payment to your child’s account.

Will Junior Accounts receive the same dividend as Adult Accounts?

No, legislation states that children are not entitled to receive a dividend, as it is calculated as a profit share.  Junior funds may only therefore attract interest.

What identification will be required for my child to open an account?

All we need is a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and a completed application form.

Can any parent open a Junior Account and be Trustee of it?

Only the qualifying member may open an account for a child – ie. The serving or retired officer or member of civilian support staff, who is already a member of the Harp and Crown. Any subsequent family members are therefore ‘care of’ the lead member.

Can my child withdraw monies without my knowledge?

No, we request that any withdrawals are made by the Adult Trustee solely, or along with the child. The Junior Member will be unable to make any withdrawals or changes to the account without the Trustee’s authorisation.

How can I make lump sum lodgements funds to the Junior Account?

You may call to the office with cash, post in a cheque, or telephone the office with a Debit Card.

What if my Son/Daughter doesn’t reside at my address?

Provided you are the parent of a child who no longer lives with you full time, but you are the parent recorded on the child’s birth certificate, you may open an account.


Harp and Crown Credit Union Ltd are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Firm Reference Number (FRN) 577113. For details visit http://www.fca.org.uk

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